What's the connection with naming?

Darwin, evolution, DNA, genetics

From these groundbreaking discoveries... Natural analogies that shape our visionary approach to pharmaceutical naming.

Creation, legal, regulatory, linguistics

Inspired by evolutionary and genetic sciences... Our Name Engineering model synchronizes these key processes to optimize name viability.

What's the connection with names?

Clifford Possum, Wassily Kandinsky, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis

From these style-defining artists and their works... Powerful inspirations that fuel our artistic touch in crafting pharmaceutical brands.

Languages, roots, graphemes, phonemes

Inspired by modern art and universal music... Subtle visual and melodic naming genes instilled by our name crafters to trigger brand appeal.
ixxéo healthcare

We are an innovative pharmaceutical naming consultancy... different from the ground up!

Ixxéo has developed Name Engineering a first-of-its-kind, integrated model to reinvent pharmaceutical naming. Our synergistic tech-and-touch approach makes us uniquely qualified to deliver viable and appealing global brands. Learn more

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